IBM Connections Toolbar for Firefox is now open source!

It took a little while but we have gotten approval to open source the IBM Connections Toolbar for Firefox! For the open source version, the images used have been replaced with Creative Commons Attribution licensed images but other than that the toolbar is the same toolbar that is currently available for download on Greenhouse (and we plan to replace that version with the open source version shortly).

The toolbar will be available from OpenNTF shortly but the source code is already online at GitHub:- https://github.com/OpenNTF/ConnectionsToolbarForFirefox

IBM Connections Toolbar for Firefox

For last year's Hackday, Gearóid Ó Treasaigh, Ciarán Ó hUallacháin and I created a Firefox toolbar for IBM Connections. It is still going strong and we recently added Firefox 7 support to it!

Hopefully we'll get around to releasing it to the general public on Lotus Greenhouse or presenting it in a developerWorks article sometime soon. If only we weren't so busy!

WebDAV for IBM Connections Files

For Hackday 9, my project was to write a WebDAV interface to Connections Files. I've an iPad and an iPhone myself and I felt the lack of WebDAV support was a feature that was calling out for developer attention.

I implemented it with the help of the Milton Java WebDAV Server Library which I can highly recommend.

If I have time, I'll write up a blog post at some point detailing how I went about my implementation.

Currently, it is read only but I hope to have the time to add support for uploading new files and new versions of files soon.

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