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IBM Connections Toolbar for Firefox is now open source!

It took a little while but we have gotten approval to open source the IBM Connections Toolbar for Firefox! For the open source version, the images used have been replaced with Creative Commons Attribution licensed images but other than that the toolbar is the same toolbar that is currently available for download on Greenhouse (and we plan to replace that version with the open source version shortly).

The toolbar will be available from OpenNTF shortly but the source code is already online at GitHub:-


Just moved to London. Very exciting. Yet to be seen though whether or not it will result in this blog getting updated more often. :)


WebDAV for IBM Connections (again!)

It was Hackday today in work and I made some progress on my implementation of WebDAV for IBM Connections.

I've got it working for Files and Communities. You can download and upload files to your folders and communities. Works pretty well with simple WebDAV clients like iWork for iOS but not great with more difficult WebDAV clients like Windows Explorer in Windows 7.


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